*Note – as of October 2019 these kids are no longer available.

Daisy’s Kids

Daisy had 4 bucklings on April 3rd. 3 out of 4 have been partially bottle fed. Will be ready for their new homes on June 3rd. $300 each and will be registered through TMGR.

This little guy is pretty smart. He’s figured out how to take the bottle from his brothers every time. He is very friendly and energetic.

This boy has great coloring and body conformation. I will likely be keeping this one.

These two young bucks are available and can leave for their new homes on June 3.

As of Aug 25, 2019 I still have all 4 of Daisy’s bucklings. I may be keeping one but the others need to go to new homes. They are 4 months old and are ready to sire your herd.

Buck service available. Please contact me for more info.