Someone asked me a while back if I make goat milk soap with the milk my goats give me. I said no and never even really considered it before because, to be honest, I was nervous working with lye. I had never given much thought to making any type of soap. A few months later, I received a bar of goat milk soap from a family member as a gift (totally unexpected). I tried it and was amazed at how it helped my dry hands feel soft and smooth. Because of the work I do, I wash my hands a lot (20 plus times daily) so they can get really dry and cracked, especially in the colder months. Nothing I tried helped much so resolve this almost continual problem I had with dry hands. Well because I was so impressed with how this soap helped my hands, I decided to give making goat milk soap a try. So far, I’ve made 2 batches! They are almost finished curing and I can’t wait to use them! The ones pictured below are unscented. I tried to be creative with some clay rose colorant.

Goat milk rose soaps
I need to remove some air bubbles next time.
Looks so soft and creamy!!

Trying out new recipes is so fun. This soap has a small amount of goat milk. I’m experimenting with different recipes and trying out new soaping techniques. This soap feels like silk!