Mini Nubian Does

I currently only have 4 does at my farm. Daisy, Tulip, Rosie (sold), and a brand new doeling named Leilani.

Daisy freshened for the first time in 2018. She had one buckling and one doeling. I learned how to milk a goat on Daisy. It was a learn as you go experience for me. After a few weeks of trying, we finally figured out the best way of milking and it was a breeze after that. I made a homemade milking machine that worked great. I’ll post a page on how to make this at a later time.

I was very impressed and excited when I first tasted Daisy’s milk. It was very creamy and sweet with NO goaty flavor :). My past experiences drinking goat milk was from the store and it definitely had a slight goat flavor. So I was happily surprised that Daisy’s milk tasted so good.

Udder has great snug attachment. Produces 1/2 gallon of sweet delicious milk with each milking.
Rosie Gal (10 weeks old). SOLD!
First freshener udder (May 2021)
Meet Leilani! She’s new at Cherry Hill farm. Born February 2021.
Leilani’s Sire: “Cassian” BlackBerry’s BMM LA Chargers.
Leilani’s dam: “Peanut” Willow Tree Ranch Peanut.

Nigerian Dwarf Does

Prancing Pony Nakia

Additional Photos of My Girls:

Leilani in the hay feeder.
July 2021
New doeling. Born February 2021.
Leilani at 3 months.
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