I currently only have 3 does at my farm. Daisy, Tulip, and Rosie. I will be retaining one or more doelings born this year.

Daisy freshened for the first time in 2018. She had one buckling and one doeling. I learned how to milk a goat on Daisy. It was a learn as you go experience for me. After a few weeks of trying, we finally figured out the best way of milking and it was a breeze after that. I made a homemade milking machine that worked great. I’ll post a page on how to make this at a later time.

I was very impressed and excited when I first tasted Daisy’s milk. It was very creamy and sweet with NO goaty flavor :). My past experiences drinking goat milk was from the store and it definitely had a slight goat flavor. So I was happily surprised that Daisy’s milk tasted so good.

Tulip developed a substantial udder a few weeks before her expected due date (May 2, 2020). She had never kidded before so I was quite surprised. I believe she may be a heavy milker.
Rosie Gal (10 weeks old)