The Basics of Caring for Goats – Backyard Goats

Despite the fact that there are many different breeds of goats today, the basics of caring for goats is pretty much the same. There isn’t a big difference between raising a dairy goat or a meat goat.
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Current pictures of Lilly and Daisy will be posted the first week of January 2018.

It all began…..

I moved onto my small acreage about 5 years ago.  At the time I only had 2 cats, and that was it.  Well after I found out that squirrels and mice loved living here too, I decided to get another cat.  She had kittens and…. long story short, I now have 7 cats.  So I thought I might as well get a couple chickens too.  Now I have 7, plus 6 geese and 2 dogs.

So when I found that weeds love to grow on my property too, goats became an option.  Half my acre has a slope which makes it really hard to mow.  So…..goats might just work out.  I had never had goats before, so I quickly bought a couple good books on goats and did some research online to learn as much as possible about them.

I waited a year to finally make the decision to get a couple goats.  I chose Mini Nubians because they wouldn’t get too big and they were suppose to give some of the best goat milk available.   I found someone online within driving distance that raises registered Mini Nubians.  Unfortunately, her babies were already taken.  I quickly learned that I need to put a deposit on a couple babies at least 6 months in advance because they sell so fast!  So I had to wait another year to finally get Lilly and Daisy.

I never thought I could fall in love with goats, but I quickly learned otherwise.  These two sweet girls have stole my heart.  They are so playful and loving.  I love watching them play together and they really love human contact and affection.

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